Zamak die casting

Zinc plating

GALVANIZING PROCESS Electrolytic process used to protect the base material from oxidation, hexavalent chromium free, process compliant


The passivation is a chemical and/or electrochemical process used to inhibit or prevent surface oxidation phenomena on

Top coat

Top Coats are water-based organic products used on passivated zinc and zinc-nickel deposits in order to increase


The oiling is a process that consists in applying by immersion an oily liquid substance that helps

Tin plating

The tin plating is a process of electrodeposition of tin metal, obtained by acidic or alcaline aqueous

Nichel free plating

The nickel-free finishings are obtained through the electrodeposition of copper, tin and zinc alloy, obtaining excellent decorative

Silver plating

Silver plating is a process of electrodeposition of silver metal, obtained by alkaline solutions with specific additives,

Gold plating

The gold plating is a process of electrodeposition of gold metal, obtained by weakly acidic and alkaline

Precious finishings

The precious finishings are obtained by electrodeposition of noble metals and plasma treatments to obtain excellent aesthetic