Zamak die casting

Zinc plating

GALVANIZING PROCESS Electrolytic process used to protect the base material from oxidation, hexavalent chromium free, process compliant


The passivation is a chemical and/or electrochemical process used to inhibit or prevent surface oxidation phenomena on


The dehydrogenation is a thermal treatment which consists in removing the hydrogen absorbed by an object during

Top coat

Top Coats are water-based organic products used on passivated zinc and zinc-nickel deposits in order to increase


The pickling is a chemical operation used to remove the calamine, or flake from lamination, oxides (rust)


The degreasing is a chemical operation carried out to eliminate oil, greas and pastes, on the surfaces


The polishing is a mechanical process, which consists in making the irregular and opaque surface of an


The sandblasting is a mechanical process, which consists in making an irregular and oxidized surface of an