Varnish and protection systems – Pre and Post treatment

Varnish and protection systems

Silga has acquired and developed new protection processes which can be applied on galvanic coatings, processes able to improve their performances in terms of increased resistance to corrosion, oxidation and wear and at the same time able to maintain a high aesthetic level of the electroplating finishings. These protections can range from cataphoretic and electrostatic varnishes performed on rack up to varnishes in mass, passivations and special protections.

Pre and Post treatments

Performing the surface treatment, in addition to the galvanic coating, Silga is able to provide its customers a wide range of chemical and mechanical additional treatments, which can provide added value to the final surface finishing. These treatments can be performed on raw surfaces as preparation carried out before galvanic treatment or carried out after it as a completion of the surface treatment.