Silga’s Traditional Galvanic division performs, through processes of electroplating of metals, treatment of silver plating, brass plating, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, tin plating, gun metal, treatment of gold plating and other precious metals, special finishes and finishing without nickel (nickel free).


Silga’s Anodizing division performs anodizing treatments on various types of aluminum, normal, neutral and hard oxidation, chromate and passivation treatments, treatments of electrolytic brightening and acid satining, chemical and electrolytic coloration, for an amount of over 80 finishings.

Zinc and
Zinc-nickel plating

Silga’s Galvanizing division realizes treatments of galvanizing and zinc-nickel plating on various metal substrates, as well as a series of accessory pre and post treatments to integrate the base treatments.

Varnish and protection systems
Pre and Post treatment

Silga has acquired and developed new processes for final protection to be applied on the galvanic coating, which are able to improve their perfomances in terms of increase in resistance to corrosion.