When history and sustainability are linked together Silga long commitment to environmental protection

When history and sustainability are linked together Silga long commitment to environmental protection

Since its foundation in 1969, Silga continues its commitment to adopt and support practices related to protection and respect for the environment, thanks to the launch of the chemical-physical purifier, which from its beginning allows the abatement of heavy metals and toxic elements, with partial recovery of waste water and respect for the surrounding area.

Over the years this commitment has evolved more and more until today with advanced systems such as the biological purifier, Silga has been among the first in Europe in implementing it, to achieve a recycling of water increasingly and to protect the valuable water resources.

In addition, for years there has been in Silga a cogeneration system that allows the double production of electricity and heat and a new system of photovoltaic panels placed on the roofs and on the ground for the production, during summer, of 1,190,000 kWh equivalent to 630.7 tons of CO2 avoided, equal to the absorbing capability of 25,000 trees. Together, these two instruments guarantee about 50% self-sufficiency in electricity during the summer. An important fact that is added to the share of energy purchased and coming from renewable sources, which significantly increases the level of greenability of Silga and helped us achieve -11% in carbon footprint between 2021 and 2022.

Thanks to the continuous researches conducted by its Technological Study Center (TSC), Silga has developed a new finishing, totally free from selenium and 100% Made in Silga, that allows to achieve an antique effect on objects characterized by previous brass, copper and nickel free plating, in a safe and sustainable way.

Silga’s commitment to the protection of the environment and its resources is from the very beginning one of the key values that contributes to its growth, a careful growth, conscious of the fact that only by protecting our territory can we achieve important goals and create a better present and future.