SILGA S.p.A. the ideal partner for your galvanic treatments

Global supply and 360 degrees solutions for the treatment of surfaces

Thanks to its three production units, technical-decorative electroplating, anodic oxidation, galvanizing and zinc-nickel plating, both in barrel and on frame lines, Silga is able to make available to its customers more than 300 surface finishes suitable to meet the needs arising from several markets with both decorative and functional values. The treatments available in the Technical-Decorative Electroplating production unit range from silver plating, Gold plating, palladium plating, ruthenium and other precious metals, Chromium plating, nickel plating, white bronze plating, copper plating, brass plating, tin plating, gunmetal and other special finishes both on frame in barrel.

In the anodizing production unit we carry out natural, satinized and bright anodizing treatments completed by organic colourings and electrocolouring, hard anodizing and passivation of aluminium.

In the galvanising and zinc-nickel plating production unit we provide white, yellow and black galvanising, transparent and black zinc-nickel treatments both on frame and barrel, all passivations are based on chrome+3, technical tin
plating and a whole range of sealants, lubricants and top coats suitable to meet the specifications of the automotive sector.

By means of this wide range of galvanic treatments, we are able to reach almost all production sectors, from the automotive sector to the fashion one, passing through mechanics, furniture, windows and doors, fasteners and zamak die-cast parts in general. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of these markets, over time we have developed transversal skills that allow us to always identify the ideal process/product for our customers.

Our Tech Centre builds on this knowledge and expertise and ensures that we are constantly developing new processes and improving existing ones in order to provide our customers with excellent products and more opportunities.
In addition to galvanic treatments, our continuous commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs has led us to develop final protection systems, such as antiturnish, passivations and in mass varnishes, cataphoresis and electrostatic varnishes, transparent, glossy, matt and coloured.

We complete our mission by guaranteeing the customer a whole series of mechanical, chemical and physical processes to prepare the surfaces for galvanic treatment such as cleaning, polishing, grinding, brushing, pickling, tumbling and/or as a final step of surface finishing such as satinizing, screen-printing and shadings.
All this allows us to propose ourselves to our customers as a single partner for all their metal surface finishing needs.