New mass Top Coat systems in line with new automotive performances

Nuovi sistemi Top Coat in massa conformi alle nuove performance settore automotive

To meet the new needs of the market, Silga has developed and integrated among its post-treatments, even top coats, water-based inorganic products (eco-friendly), which have as their main function to significantly increase the degree of corrosion resistance of objects with steel metal substrates and its alloys, copper and its alloys and zamak, treated with zinc plating and zinc-nickel processes and passivated.

Silga top coats respond to the most stringent cyclic tests imposed by the automotive industry such as ACT Test II, PV1209 and DIN50010 AHT, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion, automotive fluids, UV rays, scratches and abrasions, all while maintaining reduced thickness. In addition, Silga top coats can be integrated with lubricant to adjust the friction coefficient.

Our commitment to achieve higher standards of innovation and performance has always been our strong point and allows us to offer maximum quality to our customers.