A close look at Silga’s transparent and coloured electrostatic coating

Silga offers multiple painting treatments and protection systems including electrostatic painting, a treatment that allows an optimal wrapping of the object, for a high quality result both at a functional and aesthetic level.

Specifically, Silga electrostatic painting is a surface treatment composed of an acrylic resin that is applied uniformly on electrolytically and chemically treated objects.

The electrostatic painting treatment offered by Silga can be both transparent and coloured.

The transparent coating is applied on objects subjected to a deposit, such as gold, nickel, nickel free, brass, copper, gun barrel, etc., with the function of long-term high protection from chemical agents and other types of attacks and can be:

  • Transparent gloss, semi-gloss (50 gloss), matt (10 gloss)

The colored electrostatic painting, generally applied on raw substrate, instead, combines the properties of resistance to corrosion and oxidation, also the ability to give the object the desired aesthetic appearance, choosing from the following colors:

  • Glossy black, semi-glossy (50 gloss), matt (5 gloss)
  • White RAL 9010 glossy, matt (20 gloss), Glossy Pure White
  • Metallic Anthracite
  • Metallic Chrome Pearl
  • Metallic Nickel Pearl
  • Metallic Matt Brown
  • Metallic Champagne

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